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a list of ships wrecked at or near Porthleven

1751 A 300 ton vessel was wrecked near Porthleven and its cargo of wine, brandy and fruit was plundered.

1780 Treasure ship carrying several tons of gold coins wrecked at Gunwalloe.

1738 Vigilantia German vessel carrying a mixed cargo was wrecked west of Porthleven. The captain and three sailors drowned

1739 Lady Lucy Dutch vessel wrecked on Porthleven beach

1758 Shaftesbury & Bell Shaftesbury in pursuit of the smuggler Bell - wrecked

1782 Tortington brig broke up within an hour of hitting rocks near Porthleven

1795 Trident sloop was wrecked on Loe Bar

1796 unidentified troop ship was wrecked on Loe Bar with the loss of over 600 soles

1802 mackerel boat - with a crew of 14 was driven ashore on Loe Bar, 6 survived. The Squire of Penrose paid for the survivors to be cared for at the Fishmongers Arms awaiting their repatriation

1807 HMS Anson – frigate was wrecked on Loe Bar with the loss of over 100 lives.

1817 Resolution London Brig 59 casks of port were rescued from the wreck. Customs officers  impounded the casks in the warehouse.

1821 Peggy ship came ashore on rocks near Porthleven

1826 Idaa Swedish ketch was wrecked on the beach. Captain and mate were saved but 3 crew loss their lives

1846 Elizabeth Norwegian schooner wrecked in Porthleven. The following year Richard Kitto was sent a testimonial by the King of Norway in recognition of his gallant services in the rescuing of lives.

1861 Mersey 219 ton brig wrecked on the beach. The crew were saved by local fishermen.

1866 Salmi barque - 16 lives saved by the Porthleven lifeboat.

1869 Nellie Harding Three masted sailing ship (1553 ton) was wrecked on Porthleven beach

1871 Desire Fishing Lugger of Porthleven run down and destroyed by the Corlic in dense fog. Seven of her crew were drowned including the owners 13 year old son.

1874 William  and Anne 44 ton sloop failing to clear the pier, caught by a sudden gust of wind and driven against it.

1882 John Kendell Porthleven brig was wrecked

1884 Cviet Austrian barque wrecked on Porthleven beach after the Captain deliberatelyran the vessel aground in 60 feet waves in an attempt to save the crew. 8 were saved but 3 were washed overboard and drowned including the captain.

1886 Miriam – lugger collided with the smack Arcacia. The crew were drowned.

1891 Louise Norwegian brig was wrecked on Porthleven beach. All the crew were saved by rocket apparatus

1893 Emblem PZ 575 was wrecked on Trigg rocks. All managed to get ashore safely

1893 Concord (60 ton) had been trading along the coast for 70 years before being wrecked on Outer Trigg  Rocks at the entrance to the harbour

1907 Poly of Bristol (training ship with 50 boys aboard) Porthleven Lifeboat was called She had run aground near Gunwalloe in fog. One of the lifeboat crew piloted her to Penzance for repairs to the rudder

1907 Seierskrandsen Dutch vessel lost her bearings in thick fog. Lifeboat was called out when the. Her crew abandoned ship in the breakers off Loe Bar. The crew were picked up  by the lifeboat and returned to Porthleven Harbour, The following day a Falmouth tug re-floated her

1912 SS Tripolitania ran aground on Loe Bar. One crew member drowned but 27 made it to safety

1913 Ebenezer PZ541, 13ton fishing boat was wrecked on Trigg Rocks. The crew of six, all local and experienced men, got ashore safely

1919 Anemone 200 ton French steamer trawler ran aground and was badly holed. She was brought into the harbour for repair

1931 Sainte Anne, 185 ton French wooden schooner was wrecked on Porthleven beach

1948 Energetic 25 ton Porthleven fishing boat was run down in fog by the American steamer Chrysanthia Star. 5 of the 6 Richard brothers were drowned. The only survivor was Ralph Richards who could not swim. A memorial service was held in Fore Street Methodist Chapel. One thousand people attended including fishermen representing every fishing port in the west of England

1962 Paulina motor launch was wrecked on the rocks near Gartul Point. The sole sailor was pulled from the water to safety by locals­



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