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PASCOE, John - Lloyds Medal for Bravery

PASCOE, John (born 23 Jan 1890, died 1973 age 83)

Captain John Pascoe, Master 

William McClymart Keating, Chief Officer

The ship, Bolton Castle,  was attacked by enemy aircraft and sunk while in a North Russian

convoy. the Master supervised the lowering of the boats and got away just

before the ship sank. There were 33 men in his boat, which developed engine

trouble, and they had to sail and use the oars. Many suffered from the

extreme cold, but Captain Pascoe's fine example and leadership kept the m in

good spirits until they were picked up by a patrol boat after eight day s.

Chief Officer Keating showed splendid seamanship in sailing the other boat

through the Arctic seas for seven and a half days. It was largely due to him

that the 33 survivors reached land in spite of the many hardships they had

to endure.

              Read original book PQ17 by David Irving (especially pages 176-180, 239, 293/4)

Married Nell. 

Captain in Merchant Navy.

Awarded OBE

The Lloyd's War Medal for Bravery at Sea is one of the four Lloyd's Medal types bestowed by Lloyd's of London. In 1939, with the coming of the Second World War, Lloyd's set up a committee to find means of honouring seafarers who performed acts of exceptional courage at sea, and this resulted in the announcement on 27 December 1940 of the "Lloyd’s War Medal for Bravery at Sea".

The first awards were announced in March 1941. The first two were to Captain Rowland Morris-Woolfenden MBE and Sub-Lieutenant Patrick Wills-Rust RNR, who had been Master and Second Officer respectively of the coaster Abukir. On the night of 27–28 May 1940, the last day of the Battle of Belgium, she had evacuated over 200 soldiers and civilians from Ostend. She survived 90 minutes of attacks by enemy aircraft and 20 minutes of attack by an E-boat before being torpedoed and sunk.[1]

All awards were for acts during the Second World War. The last were announced in October 1948. In all 541 Lloyd’s War Medals for Bravery at Sea were awarded. Four were award to a women:

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