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DAMON Robert Cosens 1872-1941) and MACRONE, Isabella Whitelaw (1873-1940) at Carn Del, Loe Bar Road with housekeeper Mary Clugh MACLEAN

In 1939, a couple: Robert Cosens DAMON born 17 Dec 1872 Male Retired (Extra Plant) and Isabella W DAMON born 22 Mar 1873 and their housekeeper,Mary C Maclean born 06 May 1880 were living in "Carn Del" along Loe Bar Road / Gravesend, recorded in the 1939 register as "Penrose Hill". Isabella died in 1940, quickly followed by Robert in 1941. It would appear that Robert was born in Weymouth and married Isab(ella) in Vancouver

In her book, "Seagull Morning, The Cornwall of My Childhood", Elsie Balme says of them:
The Damons, an elderly Scottish couple, lived rather stylishly in a fairly large house named Carn-del, on the cliffs on the Loe Bar Road. So far as Porthleven ever claimed to have any 'society' I suppose the Damons qualified as members. They employed what I believe used to be known as a cook-general. Her name was Mary, and she too was Scottish; as dour as Aberdeen in her manner, but with a kindly heart for all that. Both my parents worked for the Damons from time to time. My father looked after their garden and did other odd jobs; my mother occasionally helped in the house, and attended to those items of Mrs Damon's personal washing which were considered too precious to be committed to the dubious ministrations of the local laundry. Amongst these items were two satin blouses - one pink, one grey, with pin-tucked fronts and glass buttons........ The Damons occasionally gave small dinner parties for their little elite circle of friends ....[including] a retired Brigadier General........

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