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This e-book contains a number of news cuttings taken from Alfie Pascoe's Lifetime records



  • Porthleven winds up Coronation Fund

  • Porthleven Recreation Ground

  • Porthleven recreation ground Inscription on stone

  • New Light Industry for Porthleven - Diesel marine Engineering Plan

  • Porthleven Recreation Ground Feb 1952

  • Porthleven swimming pool

  • Porthleven Clock

  • Cornwall Boxer

  • J A S Pascoe elected

  • Porthleven gift to Canon Gotto

  • A Victim of the Loe Bar - Tripolitania

  • Memories of the Cornish Blizzard

  • Nearly home struck

  • Police died doing duty

  • Full approval of dock plan - Aug 1999

  • Storm Repairs will cost millions

  • Coastal Protection

  • Cliff Fall - night of terror

  • harbour wall collapse

  • Etching of the life of Truro School

  • Pat Kitchen leaves for Australia



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