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Porthleven Telegraph Office opens to the Public 01 Oct 1879.

The first telegram was despatched by Mr Rogers of Penrose.

Mary Anne Eddy TOY nee HOSKING, outside her husband's net loft in Mounts Road,  holding her grandaughter Rosemary TOY c1942. 

Mr LAITY of Sunset Farm falls from waggon and sustains compound fracture.

Gwennie's and herhusband lived in Mount's Road. Gwennie's husband, Willie TOY built a cafe for her on the land in front of their house and beside his own workshop. It was right on top of the cliff near BLUE BUOY.

Family photo of coastguard George Henry BOX.

Rescuers praised by coroner at Helston

Part of Alfie Pascoe's life time collection











Part of Alfie Pascoe's life time records

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A brief history of Paul Rosewarn's life including his WW1 experience having been awarded the DCM for the heroic part he played in the capture of a German machine gun nest in Belgium.

On Paul's return to Porthleven he established the first charabanc transport system in West Cornwall.

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This book contains images and text relating to Porthleven's Agriculture.

View the book http://www.porthlevenmuseum.org.uk/flipagriculture/index.html

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Porthleven Boat Building

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Porthleven Boats

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Porthleven Boats and Fishermen throughout the ages. Follow the link to see the book


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There are a number of acts of Parliament governing the Harbour and Dock Company's procedures.

The dates ranged from the original in 1811 until the final act in 1869

The years they were released were 1811. 1813, 1816, 1821 and 1869

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Charles Ziemann 1914

Charles Ziemann, Hudson Bay trader of London was in Winnipeg today having arrived from a 30 days trip through the ice and snow fields of the far north in reaching this city from York factory about 500 miles away.

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