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Porthleven Museum offers a genealogy service so we can show the family lines and the part they plaid and continue to play in the history of Porthleven during our journey from a small fishing hamlet to a working port and beyond.


The Museum's Archives are quite extensive recording all aspects of our heritage. If you have any family records, images, and stories please make contact. Your material will be digitised allowing everyone to share in our heritage and you retain the original items. That way your memories are safe for ever. .


Media Archives are for video and audio. The museum has the facility to transfer 8mm and super 8 to MP4 so pelase contact us if you would like your Potrthleven memories added to the archives. Audio clips of Porthleven's recollections will also be available


Of course the Museum is always looking for people to help. No skills are required just come and join a friendly group and find out how today becomes tomorrow's history and how it is captured for all to share..