A new farm shop in a garden shed has proven a lifeline for the locals at Methleigh Bottoms, Porthleven, since the coronavirus lockdown.

Methleigh Farm Shop opened five weeks ago and has grown so popular that its three founders all need to be on-site every day of opening to help run it.

Sally Dawson, her sister-in-law Sharon Yeh and her son's partner Emily Anderson were planning to take it in turns to run the shop but it's been so busy that they've all been doing it together.

Falmouth Packet:

Sharon taking Wasp's order

Sally said: "We started because of the coronavirus. We needed somewhere to sell our farm's own potatoes.

"Then other local farmers and smallholders started to contribute their produce and we got eggs, and then strawberries, so it's been really gradual."

The shed that the farm shop is run from was a standard shed used for storage, but was modified by Sally's sons Matt and Will Dawson, who added the shop window. It has already extended out to include a gazebo.

Alongside the produce from local farms and smallholders the shop sells homemade Cornish Hevva cake and scones, home-made dog treats and the farm's own honey from their Cornish Black Bee hives.

Falmouth Packet:

Bruno enjoying one of Emily’s homemade dog treats

Sally added: "The feedback's been super. We get a lot of elderly people stopping by who are afraid to go to the supermarket, they come here out in the open and we can have a good old chat.

"People have been very complementary about it. We feel very happy because we're providing a service that's needed but it's also helping us.

"The older members of our village will come here, they'll meet somebody else and have a chat in the lane.

"Some of them don't go anywhere else. It certainly gives us a good feeling."

Farm shop regular Julia Schofield said: "I go once every weekend and try to buy as much as I can. Although that sounds like an effort it's not!

"I love fresh local food and I know that it all is. They're also avoiding plastic. I think this is the way that we need to shop in future.

"You can sit down and stroke the cat and play with the chickens to occupy yourself while you're waiting. It's just such a different experience from going to the big supermarkets. You know everybody. You know their faces and you chat while your waiting."

Methleigh Farm Shop is open between Fridays and Sundays between 10am and 4pm. Deliveries are also available.