Sithney, Cornwall



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Oliver  1816Sithney, Cornwall I172
2 BAWDEN, Charlotte Bessie  Apr 1895Sithney, Cornwall I1274
3 BROAD, Thomas  18 Nov 1826Sithney, Cornwall I1207
4 CHRISTOPHERS, Caroline  1822Sithney, Cornwall I1131
5 COWLS, John  1815Sithney, Cornwall I173
6 COWLS, John  1815Sithney, Cornwall I174
7 HOSKING, Mary  1863Sithney, Cornwall I1255
8 JACKA, Alfred Stanley  1890Sithney, Cornwall I1082
9 JACKA, Edwin  1852Sithney, Cornwall I1079
10 JACKA, Edwin Spencer  18 Mar 1901Sithney, Cornwall I1083
11 JACKA, Walter Gordon  1887Sithney, Cornwall I1081
12 LAITY, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1845Sithney, Cornwall I69
13 LAITY, Jacob  Abt 1844Sithney, Cornwall I68
14 LAITY, John  Abt 1847Sithney, Cornwall I70
15 MATTHEWS, Bessie  1874Sithney, Cornwall I1276
16 MATTHEWS, John Hosking "Jack"  1893 Q2Sithney, Cornwall I1256
17 MATTHEWS, Thomas  1869Sithney, Cornwall I1254
18 SANDRY, Elizabeth  1844Sithney, Cornwall I1160
19 SIMONS, Ernest Johnson Mayne  1869Sithney, Cornwall I1235
20 TRELOAR, Thomas  1899Sithney, Cornwall I1250
21 TYACK, Elizabeth Thomasina  1859Sithney, Cornwall I1080


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BAWDEN, Jane  5 Jan 1814Sithney, Cornwall I164
2 BOWDEN, Anne  11 Dec 1808Sithney, Cornwall I932
3 BOWDEN, George  14 Apr 1805Sithney, Cornwall I931
4 BOWDEN, John  12 Apr 1811Sithney, Cornwall I163
5 BOWDEN, Mary  5 Jun 1803Sithney, Cornwall I930
6 BOWDEN, Thomas  13 Jun 1817Sithney, Cornwall I933