Porthleven, Cornwall



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAWDEN, Peter Pascoe  30 Mar 1824Porthleven, Cornwall I1279
2 BAWDEN, Rosalie  1884Porthleven, Cornwall I1364
3 BAWDEN, William H  1873Porthleven, Cornwall I1275
4 BAWDEN, William James  1894Porthleven, Cornwall I1366
5 BULFORD, Francis John  29 Jun 1909Porthleven, Cornwall I1172
6 COWLS, Joseph Hitchen  20 Oct 1895Porthleven, Cornwall I1415
7 COWLS, Thomas Glasson  1871Porthleven, Cornwall I402
8 DOLMAN, Claude Ernest  1906Porthleven, Cornwall I25
9 DUNN, John  29 May 1822Porthleven, Cornwall I1293
10 EDDY, Charles Garfield  6 Oct 1886Porthleven, Cornwall I1383
11 EDDY, Charles Garfield (Jnr)  20 Oct 1919Porthleven, Cornwall I1389
12 EDDY, Charles Polmear  1864Porthleven, Cornwall I1382
13 EDDY, Gwendoline  27 Jun 1914Porthleven, Cornwall I1385
14 EDDY, Stella  1917Porthleven, Cornwall I1387
15 ENGLISH, Alfred J   I541
16 ENGLISH, Mary J  1866Porthleven, Cornwall I540
17 ENGLISH, Richard B  1877Porthleven, Cornwall I542
18 GILBERT, Charlotte  1867Porthleven, Cornwall I1244
19 GILBERT, Effie L  1871Porthleven, Cornwall I1147
20 GILBERT, Hannah Winn  30 Mar 1872Porthleven, Cornwall I1417
21 GILBERT, John  1866Porthleven, Cornwall I1236
22 GILBERT, Lillian May  1900Porthleven, Cornwall I1195
23 GILBERT, Margaret J  1870Porthleven, Cornwall I1245
24 GILBERT, Mary Ann  1856Porthleven, Cornwall I1360
25 GILBERT, Olive  1898Porthleven, Cornwall I1194
26 GILBERT, Richard James  1892Porthleven, Cornwall I1193
27 GILBERT, William  1860Porthleven, Cornwall I1243
28 GILBERT, William George  1 Jul 1901Porthleven, Cornwall I837
29 HENDY, Elizabeth Anne  1908Porthleven, Cornwall I1056
30 HENDY, Frederick Charles  1869Porthleven, Cornwall I1053
31 HENDY, Mary  1902Porthleven, Cornwall I1055
32 JACKA, Elizabeth  1853Porthleven, Cornwall I1077
33 KITCHEN, John (Reverend)  1 Dec 1894Porthleven, Cornwall I948
34 KITTO, Emily J  1868Porthleven, Cornwall I1076
35 KITTO, Richard M  1862Porthleven, Cornwall I1075
36 LAITY, Charles  1864Porthleven, Cornwall I701
37 LAITY, Thomas  Bef 5 Nov 1837Porthleven, Cornwall I67
38 MATTHEWS, Margaret Kate  1895Porthleven, Cornwall I1251
39 MINERS, Charles  1880Porthleven, Cornwall I1014
40 MINERS, Edward  1872Porthleven, Cornwall I1011
41 MINERS, Emily Gertrude  1883Porthleven, Cornwall I1016
42 MINERS, John Eddy  1839Porthleven, Cornwall I1007
43 MINERS, Joseph Wilfred k/a Wilfred  1887Porthleven, Cornwall I1020
44 MINERS, Minnie  1870Porthleven, Cornwall I1010
45 MINERS, Rosina (Rosie)  1881Porthleven, Cornwall I1015
46 MINERS, William   I1013
47 MITCHELL, Margaret  1878Porthleven, Cornwall I1259
48 ORCHARD, Ann  1821Porthleven, Cornwall I712
49 ORCHARD, Malcolm Shaun  1941Porthleven, Cornwall I939
50 PASCOE, Elizabeth  1791Porthleven, Cornwall I1282

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BAWDEN, Peter  Porthleven, Cornwall I1365
2 GILBERT, Mary Ann  3 Aug 1856Porthleven, Cornwall I1360
3 LAITY, Charles  11 Mar 1864Porthleven, Cornwall I701
4 VICARY, Mary Ann (Polly Ann)  20 Oct 1875Porthleven, Cornwall I629
5 VICARY, Thomas John   I630


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAWDEN, Francis  20 Jan 1851Porthleven, Cornwall I1281
2 BAWDEN, Peter Pascoe  2 Jan 1889Porthleven, Cornwall I1279
3 BRABYN, Alberta  22 Feb 1967Porthleven, Cornwall I1384
4 EDDY, Charles Garfield  23 Jul 1965Porthleven, Cornwall I1383
5 EDDY, Gwendoline  29 Jan 1989Porthleven, Cornwall I1385
6 ENGLISH, John  6 Dec 1861Porthleven, Cornwall I528
7 GILBERT, Josephus / Joseph  9 Jan 1900Porthleven, Cornwall I16
8 KITTO, James John  7 Nov 1932Porthleven, Cornwall I1073
9 MARKS, Maud Amelia  1912Porthleven, Cornwall I1149
10 MATTHEWS, Margaret Kate  1979Porthleven, Cornwall I1251
11 MAYNE, Mary Ann Davey  13 Jun 1908Porthleven, Cornwall I1227
12 POLGLASE, Francis W  1992Porthleven, Cornwall I1419
13 POLGLASE, Samuel Eddy (died infant)  20 Feb 1850Porthleven, Cornwall I1427
14 SIMONS, John  19 Oct 1892Porthleven, Cornwall I1226
15 STEDMAN, Elizabeth Sarah  8 Dec 1997Porthleven, Cornwall I1253
16 TRELOAR, Thomas  1928Porthleven, Cornwall I1250
17 VICARY, Charles   I631
18 VICARY / VICKERY, Emanuel / Emmanuel/ Manuell Wright  1892Porthleven, Cornwall I622


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CHRISTOPHERS, Caroline  Porthleven, Cornwall I1131
2 CORNISH, Jennifer Jane  8 Jun 1851Porthleven, Cornwall I1065
3 JACKA, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1934Porthleven, Cornwall I1077
4 KITTO, John  3 May 1840Porthleven, Cornwall I1066
5 MARKS, Henry   I1132
6 MAYNE, Mary Ann Davey  Porthleven, Cornwall I1227
7 POLGLASE, Samuel Eddy (died infant)  Porthleven, Cornwall I1427
8 SIMONS, John  Porthleven, Cornwall I1226


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    CENSUS    Person ID 
1 SIMONS, John  1881Porthleven, Cornwall I1226


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    ELECTORAL ROLL    Person ID 
1 BAWDEN, Francis  1906Porthleven, Cornwall I1125
2 BURGESS, Richard  1906Porthleven, Cornwall I1127
3 LANYON, George  1906Porthleven, Cornwall I1128


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    OCCUPATION    Person ID 
1 GERWOOD, John  1950sPorthleven, Cornwall I1355
2 JEWSON, Derek  Porthleven, Cornwall I1085
3 MEWTEN, Myrtle  1939Porthleven, Cornwall I1356


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROAD / WETHERIDGE/ WITHEREDGE /WITHERIDGE  18 Oct 1854Porthleven, Cornwall F393
2 BUNT / KITTO  20 Oct 1847Porthleven, Cornwall F352
3 TOY / RICHARDS  11 Aug 1875Porthleven, Cornwall F365