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About your museum

Porthleven museum is a non profit making organisation belonging to the community.

The purpose is to capture and safeguard Porthleven's known history before it is lost forever creating archives from text, photographs, sound and vision.

For this site to achieve complete success it will require people participation.

You will always maintain possession and ownership of your original material but must be willing to share information digitally with others using the museum website files.

You can add your own collection by signing in to your history page or request the Museum to digitise it and add it to the website for you. If required, we can add a credit ‘Donated by .......’

Although we will digitise your information and return it to you quickly, there may be a delay before it actually appears on the website depending on the amount of incoming material at any given time.

We all have a history.  The older we become the more history we generate so Porthleven’s history keeps pouring in. New archives will continue to appear on the museum website as fast as we can process the information.

We encourage you to join others and share your Porthleven’s history with everyone and help create a unique village record like no other.

If you would like to help, why not join our small friendly group of volunteers who are cataloguing and digitising your donated material.

We have a saying “Today is tomorrow’s history”. Help us create a real living museum, a perpetual heritage record of our community for everyone to enjoy now and in the future.